Large Lobster Buoy Necklace in Silver


This lobster buoy necklace was first hand carved in wax on a lathe and hollowed out. After being cast using the lost wax process, the master was filed and sanded and then molded. The mold is then injected with wax and cast using the same process.

Each buoy is hand sanded and finished with a finely textured and stippled surface. It is then filled with a resin inlay which is colored with pastels, making it simple to mix colors to achieve any desired color.

Every buoy is strung and knotted on a 27 inch Nylon Cord that is easily adjusted to be shorter by pulling on the ends of the cord. If you would prefer to have your buoy on a chain at an additional charge please request a custom order.

Large Buoy is 1 and 9/16″ tall and 1/2″ wide

Chain Option is Coming Soon


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